Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Bio: Video + Optin = Success, Internet Marketer, Twitter SEO & Business Positioning Expert, Life Coach,Trainer, Author,Google Marketing Secret

Mike Wesley has quite a presence on twitter. With over 30,000 followers and almost 15,000 tweets in just over a year, he's hard to miss. He has become something of a twitter expert (twexpert?), and can be seen flaunting his expertise on regular live video conferences. He's also something of a marketer, and is currently promoting a project of his called VideOptin, among other things. As busy as he is, he has found the time to intweet, so let's see what he has to say...

Welcome to your intweet! The question of the night is, can you outdo Obama?

@Mike_Wesely: That can be tough, but if he stands still for too long, it could happen.

Not much chance of that happening! You've achieved a lot in your 1st year on twitter, haven't you?

Yes pretty proud of were I'm at :-)

That's what I really want to know tonight. Where ARE you at? What would you say you've achieved?

I have built some very strong relationships, and have also positioned myself in a good place

Positioned yourself for what?

Positioned as a go to person about Twitter and for many other things.

Yes, I was watching u on 2nite. How long did it take to become a twexpert?

Well over a few months i just tried to help people with Twitter questions and then it just grew from there.

I see you're using that knowhow for coaching. How else does it benefit you?

again it mostly comes down building relationships with people,

...and once you've built that relationship, what then? This is the meaty bit, as far as I can tell.

well u build relationships, u attract to U, then any products or services people want to get from U because they like U.

It is really all just human characteristics, no different on Twitter than F2F. Most don't realize this simple thing

U see, that's the bit I've never really worked out. How successful have you been at this critical (selling) stage?

I have had successes, but I havent really even gotten to that stage yet, the more patient U are the more successful this is.

I also will say I was at Events the past 2 weeks and because of Twitter and my position, many ppl were coming 2 me for advice

I get the impression that marketing isn't new to u. What were you doing b4 u started on twitter?

I am a marketer that has a software company, and offering services like content mng. sys. , autoresponder, and shop cart

The last 2+ yrs have been developing social networking platforms

Ah, so u were already using the net. Tell me about these social networking platforms you're developing...

The biggest I am restricted to talk about, but is one of them, we also can plug to any niche

Mmmm, sport! What about VideOptin - that's another project of yours, right?

Yes, is a service that works with ur autoresponder that combines video and the optin in the same player

Do you come up with these ideas, or is your job just to sell them?

I am the Idea guy for sure. always luv solving problems

I was going to ask u what is the next big social networking app, but I guess you can't tell me?

Well I will say that I feel Twitter is here to stay for a while, but the next will be very video intense i believe.

Is that a hint?

It Could be ;-)

What IS it that you think makes twitter so popular?

the 140 Chars. (short) and real time response - Great way to build relationships :-)

So do those 140 characters swallow up most of yr life, or are you a good time manager?

I am active indeed, but I am a great multi-tasker and doing other work at the same time

Would you still be using twitter if you weren't using it for marketing?

who knows what path I would be on if i were not a marketer, but, I will say Twitter has benefits for all > So I would hope so

You post a lot of quotes - do you have a fav?

#QUOTE: "Be Yourself, Nobody likes the other You anyway."

LOL, that's a good one! And finally, who inspires you on twitter?

That one and others i personally write, are special, but I post a lot of really special ones for sure.

All the really really cool followers i have. without them I am nobody.

A great way to finish! Well, thank you. It's been a pleasure getting to know the man behind the pointing fingers...

@Mike_Wesely: Thats funny, and I appreciate u taking the time to share what i Have to say :-) Good Luck to U and all ur readers :-)

Thank you.

Upcoming intweets

Tonight at 1am UTC, I will be intweeting's Mike Wesely (@Mike_Wesely). He's all about marketing, so let's see what I'll buy. Send your questions for Mike to me @jafprrr #ntwt.

I'm also in the process of securing Reg Saddler for an intweet, who is @zaibatsu on twitter. With over 50,000 followers, he's up there among the twitterati. We'll find out how he got them and what he does with them. While you're waiting, check out his website, The Drill Down.

Send me your questions now @jafprrr #ntwt

Watch this space for more updates and keep an eye on the calendar to the right for dates and times.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Bio: Think before tweeting... Disinfect keyboard after reading... Mostly Harmless

When I first saw @CrazyOnYou's twitter bio, I was compelled to follow him - especially the 'Disinfect keyboard after reading' bit. And I haven't been disappointed. His tweets are often humorous and he has been quick to banter when I've @ replied to some of the many of his tweets that invite it. When he's not being funny, @CrazyOnYou is often posting great music to listen to. Okay, not always great, but he is a veritable font of musical fodder.

@jafprrr: Well, here we are. Welcome to the inaugural intweet!

@CrazyOnYou: I'm looking forward to it ... Let's have fun!

@jafprrr: Nervous?

@CrazyOnYou: Naah... Looking forward to the conversation.

@jafprrr: Good. So, um, what DID happen in the Foreign Legion?

@CrazyOnYou: Let's Get This Party Started... :) ♫

@jafprrr: You got a party started in the Foreign Legion?

@CrazyOnYou: Really? I didn't know those guys cared... Big hugz guys. Except for you Pierre.

@jafprrr: I think I heard about Pierre...congrats on your 10,000th tweet yesterday

@CrazyOnYou: Thank you! It's funny how people react around milestone tweets. Most of my tweetstream is random so it didn't seam big...

@jafprrr: You know, I did some calcs, & it works out to >5 tweeps per follower & >25 tweeps per day

@CrazyOnYou: I'm quality, babe! And, apparently somewhat compulsive..

@jafprrr: Which of course leads to beer (what doesn't?)...I couldn't help but notice your pic. Like the odd brew?

@CrazyOnYou: I like the odd brew, the even brew and quite a few in between... But don't forget coffee...

@jafprrr: Do you have a fav? Or does compulsion simply make it the one in front of you?

@CrazyOnYou: My favorite brew is Guiness. My favorite coffee is Gevalia. You know I never noticed that they both start with 'G' before...

@jafprrr: Sazarack doesn't, though. @lynndorman wanted me to ask you about that - that is, if you remember...

@CrazyOnYou: It was New Orleans... There might have been some alcohol involved... I remember waking up three days later...

@jafprrr: Actually, I see she wanted me to ask you how to MAKE Sazarack...and thoughts on that?

@lynndorman: he can drink it too

@CrazyOnYou: Umm... Can I call a friend? Well, uhh.... Did you know yesterday was Pi Day?

@jafprrr: No, but I see you had some fun with #3hotwords. What is Pi Day? 3 words please...

@CrazyOnYou: Irrational math love

@jafprrr: Ok, you can go into a LITTLE more detail...

@CrazyOnYou: Yesterdays date 3/14 corresponded to the first digits of the irrational number pi. Plus, I ate some cherry pie...

@jafprrr: You know, in most parts of the world, Pi Day would be 4/31 (except there isn't one)

@CrazyOnYou: I told you it was irrational... Would you like that ala mode?

@jafprrr: Probably. So, how did your task oriented day go today? Did it beat the depression, or is this a better antidote?

@CrazyOnYou: Well, this is a lot more fun! The tasks were like Russian dolls, starting one created others which created others...

@jafprrr: That darned real life keeps getting in the way, doesn't it?

@CrazyOnYou: Yeah, especially the real life that I didn't pick up and then tripped over...

@jafprrr: At least it wasn't a real-life rake, I guess. @waterbears wants to know: How did you come to love music so much?

@CrazyOnYou: Thanks, @waterbears ! I grew up studying, learning and reading with music in the background. It's part of how I think now...

@jafprrr: So that explains it (how you think, that is)...

@CrazyOnYou: Nothing explains how I think... I still surprised people give me credit for thinking in the first place...

@jafprrr: And this growing up thing, when did that happen?

@CrazyOnYou: Well, I got taller. Then I grew wider. Probably never going to get more mature, though...

@jafprrr: That's a relief! We're racing thru the hour here, so who are some of yr fav tweeps? I wanna check 'em out...

@CrazyOnYou: Oh, God, that's a great way for me to get in trouble... @Astrogirl426 and @ImWendy and @smuttysteff and @ninjen and... You!

@jafprrr: Shucks! I was thinking that was a little unfair as I hit Enter. This is easier: fav music?

@CrazyOnYou: Well, Heart, obviously. I like all kinds of music: classical, rock, country, hip hop, world, Latin... It all speaks to me.

@jafprrr: And finally, can we find you anywhere else? There's no link on yr profile...

@CrazyOnYou: I'm getting ready to start a blog, watch my profile and my tweets to find out about it.

@jafprrr: Will do. Well, thank you - you've made the very first intweet a most enjoyable experience...

@CrazyOnYou: It's been a lot of fun. Glad I took all those Valium... Am I drooling?

@jafprrr: Is that what it is? I wasn't going to say anything...

@CrazyOnYou: It always happens when I don't get the meds just right... Bunnies! Fluffy pink bunnies!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, hello!

And welcome to intweets.

intweets are what I'm calling the interviews I'm planning on posting on this site. These will be interviews conducted entirely with @ replies on twitter.

I'm really looking forward to getting started with them, because I love doing interviews. I've done them on the radio and in print, and now I'm going to get to do a combination of the two: print interviews in real time! You can watch the interview as it happens, either by following me @jafprrr and my interviewee, or by going directly to #ntwt, which each @ reply should be tagged with. And if you miss it, you can always come and read it at your leisure here!

I am hoping these will be truly interactive interviews, with readers posting questions and comments as the interview proceeds. I'll also be inviting you to give me your questions ahead of time, and to suggest people you would like to see interviewed.

So let's begin! Who would you like to see intweeted here?